Dainese Afteride Windbreaker Black

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  • Brand: Dainese
  • Layer type: Jacket
  • Layer level: Mid layer
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Why choose the Dainese Afteride Windbreaker Black ?

This ’s Jacket is a great product from Dainese’s base layer collection. A baselayer, or under layer, is as the name suggests the first layer of clothing you wear closest to your skin, underneath your motorcycle clothing. Depending on your needs, a base layer can offer warmth during cold days while absorbing and evaporating sweat or keep you cool and fresh during warm days. Either way, with the right layers your ride will be comfortable.

Features of the Dainese Afteride Windbreaker Black

This Black, Red Dainese Jacket has a Windbreaker function.

Tip! Are you wearing a leather suit or leather motorcycle clothing and can putting it on and taking it off sometimes be a hassle? Then we recommend wearing this Dainese base layer. Thanks to the extra layer you’re wearing, the suit won’t stick to your skin and switching clothes will be a piece of cake.

The Dainese Afteride Windbreaker Black looks

Even though an underlayer is not always visible, it completes your outfit. With this Dainese Jacket you’re ready for great rides on your bike, whether it’s on the track, on the road or off-road. Is this Black, Red Jacket not the one you’re looking for? Or are you looking for different types of underlayers from Dainese? Check out our collection of base layers to see if there’s one that fits your wants and needs.

additional information
Brand Dainese
Is on Sale Yes
Layer type Jacket
Layer level Mid layer
Layer function Windbreaker
Colors Black, Red
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EURO 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 62
USA-UK 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52
CHEST CM 82-86 86-90 90-94 94-98 98-102 102-106 106-110 110-114 114-118 118-122 122-126
CHEST INCH 32.3-33.9 33.9-35.4 35.4-37.0 37.0-38.6 38.6-40.2 40.2-41.7 41.7-43.3 43.3-44.9 44.9-46.5 46.5-48.0 48.0-49.6
ARM CM 55-56 56-57 57-58 58-59 59-60 60-61 61-62 62-63 62-63 63-64 63-64
ARM INCH 21.7-22.0 22.0-22.4 22.4-22.8 22.8-23.2 23.2-23.6 23.6-24.0 24.0-24.4 24.4-24.8 24.4-24.8 24.8-25.2 24.8-25.2
WAIST CM 70-74 74-78 78-82 82-86 86-90 90-94 94-98 98-102 102-106 106-110 110-114
WAIST INCH 27.6-29.1 29.1-30.7 30.7-32.3 32.3-33.9 33.9-35.4 35.4-37.0 37.0-38.6 38.6-40.2 40.2-41.7 41.7-43.3 43.3-44.9
NECK CM 35.5-36.5 36.5-37.5 37.5-38.5 38.5-39.5 39.5-40.5 40.5-41.5 41.5-42.5 42.5-43.5 43.5-44.5 44.5-45.5 45.5-46.5
NECK INCH 14.0-14.4 14.4-14.8 14.8-15.2 15.2-15.6 15.6-15.9 15.9-16.3 16.3-16.7 16.7-17.1 17.1-17.5 17.5-17.9 17.9-18.3
HIPS CM 84-88 88-92 92-96 96-100 100-104 104-108 108-112 112-116 116-120 120-124 124-128
HIPS INCH 33.1-34.6 34.6-36.2 36.2-37.8 37.8-39.4 39.4-40.9 40.9-42.5 42.5-44.1 44.1-45.7 45.7-47.2 47.2-48.8 48.8-50.4
INSEAM CM 76-77 77-79 79-80 80-82 82-83 83-84 84-85 85-86 86-87 87-88 87-88
INSEAM INCH 29.9-30.3 30.3-31.1 31.1-31.5 31.5-32.3 32.3-32.7 32.7-33.1 33.1-33.5 33.5-33.9 33.9-34.3 34.3-34.6 34.3-34.6
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What is the difference between a baselayer and a midlayer?

A base layer serves as the foundational element of your clothing ensemble, intended to be worn directly against the skin. Adding to this, a midlayer is worn over the base layer or even your regular t-shirt, providing an additional layer of thermal insulation primarily focused on enhancing warmth.

What is the function of a base layer?

Base layers come with various options: some have a cooling feature, while others provide heat or regulate temperature. These not only cater to different preferences but also adapt to changing weather conditions. Additionally, base layers play a role in preventing you from feeling stuck to your motorcycle gear, enhancing overall comfort. Furthermore, they contribute to improved comfort during rides by wicking away moisture and offering a barrier between your skin and the gear.

What is the function of a midlayer?

A midlayer is frequently used as an alternative to a jacket's built-in thermal liner or as a supplementary layer in its absence. Offering superior insulation, a midlayer effectively retains body heat, ensuring a cozy and comfortable feel during colder rides. This versatile addition can be particularly advantageous in varying weather conditions, allowing riders to adapt their clothing to the changing temperatures. Moreover, a midlayer provides an extra degree of flexibility in achieving the desired warmth and comfort levels, enhancing the overall riding experience.

How can a base layer have a cooling effect?

A cooling base layer effectively manages moisture by wicking perspiration away from your skin, enabling your body to sweat and release heat. It's important to note that a cooling base layer doesn't reduce the amount you sweat. Instead, it assists in maintaining a balanced temperature by optimizing the body's natural cooling mechanism. This functionality is particularly valuable in warmer conditions, enhancing comfort and preventing overheating during rides.