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Lookwell – Motorcycling Clothing

Founded in 1974, Lookwell is a company that understands how motorcyclist heroes are nothing short of celebrities. While safety and security are the highest criteria for their choice of suits and accessories, racers will never overlook the elements of style and fashion. That is the reason Lookwell is considered a company that has been helping riders stay safe yet at the same time look stylish on their ride. Riding safe is especially important for for example the police force. This is the reason Lookwell cooperates with the police force and other people who rely on their outfit under all circumstance. While most people know Lookwell because of their stylish attire and apparel, the company’s main concern remains the safety of the rider. That is the reason they focus on the quality of their products and incorporate innovative safety features. Lookwell is credited for the use of smarter fabrics and material that can keep the rider dry and ventilated regardless of how extreme the conditions are.

Brand Vision – Suiting Up for Safety

It’s hard to believe that looks and style are the secondary concern for designers and engineers at Lookwell, but it is true. The company’s vision is to ensure maximum safety through more effective suits and apparel. That is what they achieve through the quality of material as well as technology that enhances the comfort level of the riders, reducing the probability of human error. Some of the major factors that guarantee the performance and quality Lookwell motorcycling gear and clothing include: • Certified Standards – Lookwell safety apparel complies to the European industry standards, which means its gear is ECE certified. • Finest Material – From Cordura textile to the finest quality abrasion resistant cowhide, Lookwell chooses the best material to manufacture its range of world-class motorcycling clothing. • Technology – Lookwell has developed its own technology such as its fully adjustable airflow control system, which is infused in their clothing in order to provide maximum comfort during the ride. • Safety Stitching – Stitching remains the soul of Lookwell clothing line. Its unique safety stitching technique makes the clothing more reliable and strong in case of accidents. • Partnership – In order to enhance the quality of their products, Lookwell has partnered with some of the giants in their own leagues. These partner include fabric manufacturer Schoeller Switzerland, 3M Scotchlite reflectives, and Knox for high impact protection system.