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Cruiser gloves

Are you looking for some cool gloves with a vintage look? Cruiser gloves might be the right ones for you! We offer a large selection of cruiser gloves!

Why cruiser gloves?

Cruiser gloves offer a vintage look, but are equipped with contemporary technologies to make sure you can hit the road with the right protection. They are available in all kinds of shapes, sizes and for different weather types like summer, winter and midseason. They can be made from all kinds of materials, like aramid, kevlar, polyester and different kinds of leather. Because of the wide variety of cruiser gloves, they are available in any price category, so there are gloves available for everybody! These gloves are great to combine with, for example, a cool cruiser jacket and some motorcycle jeans from, for example, ROKKER. And of course let’s not forget our cruiser boots! Well-known brands that offer cruiser gloves are, for example, Helstons, Segura and Furygan.

Why buy at ChromeBurner?

When you buy your cruiser gloves at ChromeBurner, you benefit from our unique services. We send our products worldwide and fast: if you order on time, we will send the product the same day, so you can enjoy your cruiser gloves as soon as possible! Still have doubts? Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have! Our team is ready to help you find the right cruiser gloves!

Spend €300 and we pay for shipping!