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Optiline Opti-M6 Titan Screw Mount
€3870 €43
Optiline Opti-M8 Titan Screw Mount
€3870 €43
Optiline Opti-Donut Titan Handlebar Mount
€4050 €45
Optiline Opti-Brake Pro Titan
€4050 €45
Optiline Usb-C to Usb-C 1M Recoile Cable
€1980 €22
Optiline Opti-Case Titan Croma
€54 €60
Optiline Opti-Strap Titan Handlebar Mount
€3869 €4299
Optiline Opti-Case Titan Chroma Wireless
€7649 €8499
Cardo 40mm HD Speakers
Garmin Zumo XT2 6 Inch Navigation System
Nolan ESS III N-Com
Sena 3S Plus Universal Wired Boom Microphone Kit
Flitsmeister TWO Traffic Alarm
Flitsmeister TWO Traffic Alarm
€8490 €8995
Claw Siberia Heated Gloves
€16196 €17995
Cardo Packtalk Edge Single Pack
€36896 €40995
Cardo Freecom 4X Single Bluetooth
€25196 €27995
Schuberth SC2 Bluetooth
Schuberth SC2 Bluetooth
€33296 €36995
Garmin Zumo XT
Garmin Zumo XT
€44910 €499
SP Connect Anti Vibration Module Chrome
€3149 €3499
Ram MountsFork Stem Base With 1" Ball
€2315 €2572
Nexx X-Com 2 Bluetooth
€28799 €31999
HJC Smart 20B Black
€26996 €29995
SP Connect Vent Mount
SP Connect Vent Mount
€1799 €1999
Cardo Refreshment Kit Packtalk and Freecom
Claw Universal Phone Mount
€1796 €1995
Claw Universal X-Grip Phone Mount
€1796 €1995
SP Connect Anti Vibration Module Black
€2699 €2999
Sena 20S Evo Bluetooth Headset Dual
€44377 €49308
Sena 50S - Sound by Harman Kardon Single Pack Bluetooth Communication
€33570 €373
Sena 50S - Sound by Harman Kardon Dual Pack Bluetooth Communication
€58950 €655
Midland MH-Pro up to 6.2''
€2879 €3199
Midland MH-Pro WC up to 6.5''
€5399 €5999
Midland MH-Easy up to 6.2''
€2699 €2999
Midland MH-Pro USB up to 6.2''
€4949 €5499
Sena Hd Speakers Type A (20S, 20S Evo, 30K, 50S)
€4170 €4633
Sena Speakers For 50S
€4136 €4596

Items 1-36 of 324

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Motorcycle electronics

In the era of digitization, electronics play a major role in our everyday life. That is no different on the bike! Whether it's getting around, listening to music or communicating with your riding buddies or your passenger, it just makes your life as a motorcyclist a lot easier. And hey, if we can make it a lot easier, why not? That is why there are a number of handy products to make a motorcyclist happy.

Communication systems

An example of this is a communication system and as the word says, it allows you to communicate. With your pillion for example or with your friends. Even if you are more of a 'lone wolf' or just commuting by bike, even then a communication system is an ideal device. You can connect your navigation device to it, connect your phone for music and you can even make phone calls with it!

With a wide choice of different systems, it is not easy to choose the one that perfectly suits your needs. One system excels in the number of people you can connect it with, the other in price or aerodynamics. In our product descriptions you will learn everything about the systems and find the perfect system for you!

Navigation systems

Get lost… But always find your way back with a navigation system for your motorcycle. A navigation system for motorcycles is slightly different compared to other navigation systems for cars for example. Sometimes you want the route from A to B to take the whole day and preferably with as many corners and height differences as possible. With a navigation system for the motorcycle you can determine this yourself, both before and during the ride. In addition, there are various so-called Points of interests (POI) in the system, so that you can see where the best restaurants, gas stations or hotels can be found. Have you already made a route on your PC or has your best friend sent you one? Connect your system through Bluetooth and load the route on your device. We have systems from different brands, all with their own unique specs and they all serve slightly different purposes. Combine your communication system with your navigation system and receive route instructions through the speakers in your helmet. Motorcycling has never been so relaxed!

Mounting systems

“Why do I need a navigation system if I can also navigate with my phone?” That is a question we often hear. And why shouldn’t you use your phone? The navigation on most phones is so accurate that it can almost replace a navigation system and this is more than sufficient for many motorcyclists. For those who would like to have more challenging routes there are dedicated navigation systems. With a good mounting system, your phone will stay on your handlebar even in the most severe conditions. Different types of holders are available. There is the Ram mount that you can easily mount on the handlebars of your motorcycle and then use a ball and an arm to adjust the phone holder to the desired position so that you can read the screen of your phone properly. Another way is possible with SP Connect products. This connects the case for the type of phone you have and the mount with a rotating movement. This connection is so strong that it can only be separated from each other with human strength.

Electronics for motorcycles at ChromeBurner

Our range of motor electronics is so diverse that it is possible that you can be quite overwhelmed. Of course we try to show as much relevant information as possible in the product descriptions. If you can't figure it out, don't worry! Do not hesitate to give us a call on 073 200 80 20 or send us an email with your question to and our gear geeks will happily answer all of your questions!