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Bowtex Elite Shirt CE Level AAA Black
359 399
Bowtex Standard R Shirt CE Level AA
269 299
Spidi Base-1 Armor Lady Black
94 91 99 90
Spidi Base-1 Armor Black
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Knox Honister Jacket Men
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Knox Urbane Pro Mk2 Black Sale
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Knox Urbane Pro Mk2 Black Grey Sale
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Knox Urbane Pro Mk2 Utility Camel Sale
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REV'IT! Proteus Black
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Dainese Pro-Armor Safety 2 Black Black
162 47 249 95
Knox Action Shirt Women's MK2 Sale
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Knox Urbane Pro Black Grey Sale
149 90 289 99
Pando Moto Shell Uh 01 Dyneema® Armored Shirt Sale
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Knox Urbane Pro Mk2 Utility Black Sale
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29 Items

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Armored motorcycle shirts

A new trend: armored shirts! Instead of having to wear a heavy, cumbersome motorcycle jacket, opt for a lightweight and form hugging armored shirt instead! These shirts come in different shapes and sizes but the principle is mostly the same throughout our product range. Constructed from tough materials and equipped with armor, these shirts provide a lot of versatility. Some armored shirts can be worn separately because the fabrics are wear and tear resistant and can withstand a slide, some ask for an extra outer protective layer to be worn on top.

What is the difference between a motorcycle jacket and an armored shirt?

There are a few differences actually. One is in the way they protect you from harm. A motorcycle jacket usually has protectors in pockets which is fine, but there is always a slight chance the protectors may move upon impact if the jacket doesn’t fit snugly enough. Armored motorcycle shirts are very form hugging thanks to extensive use of stretch materials and the protectors are much closer to your body and will remain in place in case of a mishap. Because of the way they fit, it’s also possible to throw over your own casual hoodie or shirt to allow you to express your own style on your bike as well. Armored shirts are lightweight and ventilate very well so they are perfect for summer riding. Should you need some weather protection, just throw over the outer shell of your motorcycle jacket (without protectors) and you have the best of both worlds.

Which different kinds of armored shirts does ChromeBurner sell?

We can roughly divide our selection into two groups. We sell armored shirts that can be used separately, and shirts for which you will need an extra layer for abrasion protection. Armored shirts in the first group are constructed from tougher materials that will withstand a slide. The second group consists of shirts that look like motocross armor, but feature slightly different types of armor parts and have a different fit to better cater to the needs of road riders instead of MX riders.

How do I pick the right armored motorcycle shirt?

First you will have to decide if you are planning on using a shirt as a substitute for a summer jacket, or if your main goal is to improve on impact protection and use it together with an abrasion resistant outer shell. Need help deciding which armored shirt to get? Contact our customer service via support@chromeburner.com or give them a call at +3173 200 80 20!