Privacy Policy

The ChromeBurner Motorgear team values your privacy just as much as we value your safety on your bike. We treat your personal information just like we would like companies to treat our own. The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) asks for diligent measures to protect personal data and ChromeBurner has made sure to live up to that. We will never ask you for more information than necessary, unless we specifically asked (and gotten) your permission first. Data will not be stored longer than necessary, based on legal obligations or legitimate interest.

We hate confusing texts and legal speech ourselves, so we kept it simple. What follows is a list of information we collect, explained in layman’s terms. Privacy, ChromeBurner style.

Required information
- Email address
We need your email address to send you an order confirmation, sales invoice and the shipping details (tracking code) of your shipment. We will also contact you via email if there are any concerns or hiccups during processing your order. We will store your email address for 5 years, as this is the longest warranty term for products we sell, during which we may have to contact you.

- Address details
We need your name and address details to have your order succesfully delivered. This information is shared with PostNL (our national postal services) or FedEx (depending on the shipping method selected). We have to store your address details for 7 years as the Dutch tax authorities require us to store our invoices (including the address) for 7 years.

- Phone number
Your phone number may help the delivery company (or customs) if they need to reach out to you. If you fill in your phone number, you agree that just like your email address, we will store it for 5 years. Your phone number may also be used by us if we need to contact you regarding your order.

Pretty much all websites use cookies. Cookies can be divided in a couple of categories. During your first visit to our website, you will be prompted a cookie consent to choose which kind of cookies you allow.

- Functional cookies
These cookies are required for our website to run smoothly and will always need to be accepted. They are used for accounts on our website, to save the items in your shopping cart and are used for completing the purchase.

- Statistics/analytics cookies
These cookies are used for Google Analytics, to help us monitor behavior on our website. We scramble your data to make it 100% anonymous. Therefore we do not have to ask permission for these cookies.

- Marketing cookies
These cookies require your attention most. We use marketing cookies to profile users on our website. The goal is to send you relevant advertisements on other websites and platforms. We use third parties to make this happen but don't worry, we made sure these companies are GDPR compliant as well! We use these cookies to send out email newsletters as well. You can always opt-out for these of course!

Your privacy rights
You have the right to ask us which information we have about you and the right to have it altered or deleted (unless legal requirements weigh heavier than your privacy rights). If you want to have insight on what we have on you, just let us know! Send us an e-mail or write us a letter and we will process your request within 4 weeks.

Email your request to or write to:

ChromeBurner Motorgear
GDPR data request
Touwslager 10
5253 RK Nieuwkuijk
The Netherlands