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Motorcycle socks

Motorcycle socks work just like all other base & mid layers. They make your ride more comfortable by warming you or cooling you down. At ChromeBurner we have an assortment of the best socks to make your ride the most comfortable. We offer different styles from long over the knee socks for extra warmth and protection while wearing a knee brace to a shorter sock designed to combine with urban footwear. Our socks are of course unisex so both men and woman will be able to find a pair of socks to go with any riding style. They pair great with any of our other motorcycle clothing.

Why wear special motorcycle socks?

Our motorcycle socks are made to make your ride more comfortable. Just like other base and mid layers they can be used to regulate your body temperature. Your body can be kept warmer on cold rides by layering up or the socks can help you cool down by wicking away sweat from your feet. Besides that, we have high socks for off road adventures that require wearing knee braces. The extra layer of the socks help prevent friction and ensure freedom of movement.

Why should you buy your socks at ChromeBurner?

If you live anywhere in the world, and like low prices and fast shipping, you should buy your socks at ChromeBurner. We offer very fast shipping. Because of our large stock, most products can be shipped right away. You will never have to wait long for your socks or other motorcycle gear. Besides that, we guarantee the lowest prices, so you never pay too much.

Need help picking socks or any other gear?

If you have any questions about our motorcycle socks or any other gear, do not hesitate to contact our team. The team is full of motorcycle geeks who love to answer all your questions and help you pick!

Spend €300 and we pay for shipping!