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ChromeBurner carries over 50 major brands in motorcycle helmets, clothing, footwear and accessories. Click on the brand name to explore more about that specific brand on their website.

One of the oldest helmet manufacturers, known for their high quality products and Italian styling. Their product range contains full face helmets, modular helmets, jet helmets and offroad helmets. They have helmets for every budget, ranging from their entry level K-1 full face helmet all the way to the legendary Pista GP R racing helmet. Trusted and used by MotoGP and WorldSBK riders alike, AGV helmets are a great choice for every rider out there!

At Airoh, they like to do things a little differently. The Italian helmet manufacturer is known for their striking designs and exciting products. They have gained glory thanks to their offroad helmets, with the ultra lightweight Aviator series as the absolute pinnacle in MX helmets. Visit a MXGP race and you will see dozens of Aviator helmets worn by top level riders like Jeffrey Herlings and Antonio Cairoli. Using the same technologies, Airoh also developed the GP500 racing helmet, commonly seen at MotoGP and WorldSBK races. A true testament of craftsmanship and engineering!

What started in 1963 when Sante Mazzarolo developed a new type of motocross boot, is now one of the biggest motorcycle gear brands in the world. The instantly recognizable "a-star" logo is worn proudly by riders in all parts of the world. With a broad range of products for any tipe of rider, from MX to Racing, from Vintage to Touring, there is always an Alpinestars product just right for you! 

One of the leading motorcycle accessories brands is based in France. They manufacture luggage solutions, including their unique soft leather tank covers to attach their tank bags to. We mainly added Bagster to our store for their high grade custom seats. We offer a bunch of Ready and Ready Luxe seats to instantly improve the comfort of your bike. Bagster also offers the possibility to customize your own seat!

This French motorcycle gear brand offers a wide range of products. As part of the Trophy group (including Shark helmets, Segura gear and Bagster accessories) they are able to manufacture products with great value for money! 

BowTex uses Kevlar and Dyneema fibers to create unique technical protective underlayers, to be worn under your favorite pieces of casual clothing.

One of those names that instantly makes you think of racing, performance and exceptional build quality. Brembo is without a doubt the world's most famous manufacturer of braking components and rightfully so! We offer a selection of their famous RCS master cylinders and the most popular performance radially mounted brake calipers for sports riders and racers alike.

Our favorite manufacturer of Bluetooth motorcycle intercom systems. They know what a rider wants and needs in a communication system and keep raising the bar. Other manufacturers can only try to keep up. With their ever popular Packtalk and Freecom series, Cardo offers the best intercom systems money can buy.

When you think of Dainese, you think of Italy, style, safety and class. This manufacturer has been at the top of the motorcycle industry ever since their establishment in 1972. The engineers at Dainese work from a rider's perspective, translating into products that just work. One look at their line of high spec racing suits will tell the whole story. The same goes for their impressive line up of street and touring gear and in more recent times, their D-Air products.

Manufacturer of all kinds of batteries. We carry their "Powersport" series, aimed at motorcycles, ATV's, jet ski's and other adrenaline-infusing vehicles.

This French company produces motorcycle gloves and they do it well. Because they specialize in just gloves, their products are insanely well thought out. Their product range includes gloves for any type of rider out there, from affordable urban gloves to MX gloves and full-spec leather racing gauntlets.

A relatively young Italian motorcycle boot manufacturer, established in 1999. They offer boots in different lifestyle classes such as racing, urban, MX, trial and adventure. The Forma Adventure boots are widely known in the ADV world and their Ice-Pro racing boots are being used by several riders in MotoGP, WorldSBK and AMA championships.

The new kid on the block in motorcycle batteries. If you want value for money, this is the brand to go with! Their product range keeps on expanding, including the recent addition of lightweight Lithium Ion batteries.

Another French manufacturer of motorcycle gear. At Furygan, they like to do things a little bit different. With aggresive styling it's hard not to recognize their products. They mainly focus on urban and vintage riding but offer a nice selection of racing products as well.

Every motorcycle rider will know this brand for their Zumo motorcycle GPS devices. Operating at the frontlines of their branch, the Zumo GPS devices offer outstanding functionality for riders who want to get the most out of their GPS unit.

Held is the largest German manufacturer of motorcycle clothing. The German DNA runs deep in this company, resulting in products with complex engineering all to make life on two wheels safer and more comfortable. We cannot think of one "average" Held product as all their gear is high-class. Take a look at their Gore-Tex product range (including the unique over-under system and the 2-in-1 gloves) or their famous Phantom and Titan Evo gloves and you'll know what we mean!

We wouldn't take ourself seriously if we didn't offer HJC helmets, the largest helmet manufacturer in the world. Initially known for their outstanding value for money, now also respected for their high quality lids. Their RPHA series push the boundaries in every aspect!

John Doe
This German manufacturer creates high quality motorcycle gear that looks like your every day casual piece of clothing. Their lineup consists of jeans, shoes, shirts and hoodies all lined with protective fibers like Kevlar and Dyneema to offer excellent abrasion resistance. Want to look stylish while riding? John Doe is the way to go.

This Italian manufacturer of motocross helmets is a relatively new kid on the block. With a great team of engineers, their carbon fiber J12 quickly became one of the favorite helmets in the MXGP paddock. But it didn't stop there! You will find Just1 helmets in Supercross, Dakar, Freestyle, Enduro and Speedway championships all over the world!

Kappa is an Italian manufacturer of motorcycle luggage solutions. We carry their soft luggage lineup, including tankbags, luggage rolls, sidebags and tailbags.

Looking for quality gear? Look no further. Klim is one of those rear companies who do everything to assure their gear is of the highest quality imaginable. Their stuff is rugged, tough, almost indestructible you might say. Their adventure riding and touring gear is top notch and on a completely different level!

Kriega manufactures high quality luggage solutions. They use only the best of materials and produce great backpacks and soft bags. Mainly known for their quadlock backpacks and US Drypack series. Most of their bags can be hooked together for more luggage space.

With their slogan "That's what we call riding gear!", they hit the nail right on the head. Macna is a Dutch brand created by riders, for riders. And every brand says that, but with Macna it really holds truth. Their products show numerous innovative features. Stuff that makes you go "why haven't I seen this before!". With a wide range of textile, leather and urban gear, Macna gear will appeal to many riders!

Looking for a high quality Bluetooth intercom system for a friendly price? Midland produces universal communication systems that will fit almost any helmet.

Bikers tend to take care of their machines and the guys at Muc-Off get that. They manufacture bike specific cleaning products and waxes to keep your pride and joy nice and shiny. And with a name like that, what's not to like?!

World famous for their X.WED2 adventure helmet series, but the Portuguese manufacturer has a great range of full face and flip-up helmets and the amazing X.Garage vintage collection.

One of the oldest helmet manufacturers, founded in 1972 and based in Italy. Innovation is key at Nolan: they were the first to produce a full face helmet in Europe, use spring loaded visor mechanisms and invented the micrometric chin strap buckle you see everywhere nowadays. They were also the first to come up with a helmet with a removable chin guard while still maintaining a full-face safety rating.

Proudly made in Italy, PMJ motorcycle jeans are lined with Twaron steel fiber to provide abrasion resistance, outperforming Cordura-Denim mixes and offering great breathability and comfort.

RAM Mounts
Looking for a mounting solution for your phone or GPS device? RAM Mounts offer outstanding stability and durability and with almost too many different parts and components to choose from, you can always find a perfect setup for your bike.

This Dutch brand is taking over the world: at REV'IT!, they know exactly what a rider wants and needs and manage to up the ante with every new collection they launch. A European fit (with short and tall sizes as well) and an amazing range of touring, racing, street and vintage gear means every rider will like this brand!

This Swiss brand creates premium motorcycle jeans. They use Schoeller-Dynatec fibers together with premium denim cotton to create protective jeans of a single layer to boost comfort and breathabilty. Their flagship Revolution jeans are even waterproof thanks to a laminated membrane.

This French manufacturer has created some of the most iconic helmets you will see on the road. Their Boxer series are instantly recognizable with their 180 degree rotating chin piece and red locking mechanisms. 

German engineering, loved and trusted by riders worldwide. Schuberth manages to create the quietest helmets on the market thanks to extensive sound engineering and wind tunnel testing. Their C3 Pro and C4 Pro flip-up helmets have an almost legendary status and rightfully so! Their SR2 helmet is used by racing riders in top level championships and the S2 Sport and R2 appeal to sport and touring riders alike.

Value for money is key with Scorpion helmets. Somehow they manage to create helmets with materials and functionalities you normally find in higher price tiers. Scorpion is on a roll lately with their Exo-R1 racing helmet, the crazy popular Exo-Combat (Covert), the ADX-1 (AT-950) and Exo-Tech flip up helmets and the Belfast open face helmet with a classic vibe.

If you're into vintage, classic or urban motorcycle gear, Segura should be on your watch list. This brand manages to really grasp the vibe you're looking for in this segment! 

Quickly becoming one of the largest and most respected helmet brands in the world, French manufacturer Shark has an insanely large lineup of helmets. They position their helmets throughout different lifestyle categories. Their Race-R Pro helmet is common in the MotoGP and WorldSBK paddocks, the Shark Drak helmet dominates the urban scene and their Evo-One flip up helmets have radically changed the way touring riders look at helmets. There literally is a Shark helmet for everyone.

If there's one brand we associate with quality and reliability, it's Shoei. This Japanese brand has been at the front line of helmet development for ages and every single product in their line up shows it. Take one look at their Neotec 2, X-Spirit III, NXR or GT-Air II helmets and you'll know what we mean.

This Italian boot manufacturer has been around the block for ages. Their main focus is on competition boots in both road racing and motocross. Their Mag-1 and Rex racing boots dominate the race track and the Vertigo and ST series are insanely popular with street riders. The Crossfire series are the most trusted offroad boots by MX and enduro riders all over the world and the Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex is the benchmark adventure touring boot.

With a distinct drag racing style, Simpson helmets are a striking appearance. Their motorcycle line up consists of street style full-face and flip-up helmets. Perfect for urban riders or performance cruisers!

SP Connect
Looking for a stylish mounting solution for your phone? SP Connect offers a sleek solution with an integrated vibration damper to safely secure your phone to the handle bars.

One of the finest Italian motorcycle gear manufacturers! At Spidi, the engineers and product developers are true gear-geeks with petrol running through their veins. They translate their passion for riding directly into their product, resulting in great solutions for riders of all kinds!

This Italian helmet manufacturer has earned their place by creating great quality helmets. Known for their distinctive styling and bold graphics and trusted by WorldSBK and MotoGP riders for their performance and protection!

Manufacturer of GPS navigation systems. Their Rider series are aimed specifically at motorcycle riders, with tons of features to make every ride a great one!

VR46 Apparel
Valentino Rossi doesn't just race bikes, his VR|46 company creates tons of merchandise like T-shirts, caps, beanies, hoodies and even flip flops. Everything you need to show which rider you support!

A Dutch manufacturer or high quality lubricants and cleaning agents. We carry their most popular cleaning sprays and lubricants and their lineup of 10w40 engine oil.

The racing division of Nolan, X-lite helmets are on the premium side of the spectrum. Their racing helmets are being worn by many top level riders in different championships all over the world and their collection of premium touring helmets are for riders who expect top quality of their gear!

This is the boot division of Spidi. Their lineup consists of racing boots, riding shoes and urban style sneakers.

Probably the most well-known manufacturer of motorcycle batteries in the world. They basically invented the form factors that all other battery manufacturers use this very day and are known for exceptional quality and reliability.