Motocross and Enduro riders have their very own, very specific list of things they need their gear to do. Riding your bike in tricky conditions, jumping and sliding around, makes you very prone to injuries and you need the right gear to protect you. When it comes to helmets, weight and ventilation are key. A heavy helmet will put a big strain on the muscles in your neck. Throwing up roost and jumping tabletops is fun, but it’s also quite tiring! You need to keep your head cool and MX helmets provide plenty of ventilation to do just that. The large peak will help block sunlight and offer protection from sand or mud leaving the rear wheel from the rider in front of you. We offer top-notch helmets like the Airoh Aviator and Twist series and the Just1 J12. When it comes to protecting the rest of your body, you will need specific hardware: A neck brace will protect your collar bones, upper spine and neck from injuries. A full-on body protector covers your chest, back, shoulders and elbows from impacts. We’ve got you covered with our selection of Alpinestars MX neck braces and body protectors. Most injuries in Motocross and Enduro however involve the legs. That’s why you will really want to invest in a pair of sturdy protective motocross boots that run high up your lower legs and feature several parts to absorb impacts and a system to prevent your ankle from twisting in directions you don’t want it to. We carry the a selection of the finest Sidi Crossfire and Alpinestars Tech-series motocross boots because only the best boots are good enough! Top it off with a pair of Alpinestars knee braces to protect your knees from rotating, breaking or dislocating and you’re all geared up!

Motorcross / Enduro Armor

Be it a big thumping four-stroke or a high revving, smoky two-stroke engine: as long as it has a high power output and propels a lightweight bike with knobby tires forward through the sand or mud, you love it! Motocross and Enduro are about skills ands thrills. As two of the most intense ways of motor sports, having the proper gear is essential if you want to perform. Being so physical, it’s important to have a lightweight helmet to ease the strain on your neck. At the same time, you don’t want to scrimp on other protective items like a neck brace, knee braces, body armor and a pair of properly bulletproof boots. You take it seriously and so do we! Check out our Motocross/Enduro armor!