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Adventure/Touring riders tend to look for comfort, durability and versatility. Let’s say you’re looking for a new jacket. Most likely, you will want it to be waterproof because you never know what kind of weather conditions you will face on a long trip. Most of our Adventure/Touring jackets and pants feature a waterproof membrane, be it a fixed one (laminated Gore-Tex for examble) or a removable one, making the garment versatile for a wide range of climatic conditions. The fit of these jackets and pants is perfect for sitting upright, keeping you comfortable all day long. Comfort is key when it comes to Adventure/Touring helmets as well. For this riding style, we have selected comfortable full-face and modular helmets with all the creature comforts that will make your trip a joy to be on. They are usually prepared for a Bluetooth communication system, equipped with a drop down sun visor (or a Transitions main visor) and score high when it comes to blocking wind noise. For Adventure riders we have a large selection of sturdy boots that perform equally well on and off road. For Touring riders, the focus for a pair of boots is to be comfortable when riding and walking just as well. Main feature is of course a waterproof membrane to make sure you keep your feet dry at all times! For gloves, we are dealing with a larger gray area when you’re trying to divide them into different categories. The Adventure/Touring gloves in our selection do have a few things in common though: they are comfortable, provide great levels of protection and depending on the construction of the gloves, they are either perfect for long distance road riding or serious off road Adventure riding.

Adventure / Touring Helmets

When it comes to Touring and Adventure helmets, functionality is key and the good looks are just a bonus! Basically what you want is a comfortable full-face or modular helmet with all the creature comforts.

Gloves to Go

These have a big job to do; they have to be able to protect you from extreme climates, moisture, and crashes. They are usually textile, and use a lot of modern materials. Keeping you comfortable on long rides is key!


Our Adventure / Touring gear is designed to handle full days on the tarmac, dirt roads or anything in-between. The gear is designed to handle anything and everything that typically accompanies your epic riding adventures.

Never get lost again

I think we can agree that for any Adventure / Touring rider the journey is at least as important if not more so as the destination. With our navigation systems you have the ultimate freedom to hit any trail and still be confident that you will reach your destination.

Touring Boots

For Adventure riders we have a large selection of sturdy boots that perform equally well on and off road. For a more Touring focussed rider we have comfortable boots, you can easily wear them all day on the bike and still go exploring the destination after you parked it.

Stay Connected

Weather you ride alone or in a group, a communication system is always a good idea. It keeps you safer and happier by letting you focus on riding. Communicate with other riders, get directions for navigation, listen to music, take calls or even record your rides.


Spend $375 and we pay for shipping!