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Adventure / Touring

You don’t ride a motorcycle to go to the shops or the office. For you, it’s about making miles. Lots of them! You don’t want to go for an overpriced cup of coffee on the other side of town, you prefer to go for a drink you have never drunk before in a country you have never been to. You take your iron steed to unknown places far away over uncharted roads, preferably staying away from home for as long as possible. For longer trips, whether they take place on or off the beaten path, you will need the proper attire to stay comfortable and safe no matter the conditions mother nature throws at you. We know what you want and need. Check out our Adventure/Touring gear!

Adventure / Touring

With over 50 brands to choose from, it can be hard to find the products that suit your needs best. Luckily, we’ve got you covered and put in the work for you to filter our products based on different riding styles. For every piece of gear, every type of rider has their own list of demands. Adventure/Touring riders tend to look for comfort, durability and versatility. Let’s say you’re looking for a new jacket. Most likely, you will want it to be waterproof because you never know what kind of weather conditions you will face on a long trip. Most of our Adventure/Touring jackets and pants feature a waterproof membrane, be it a fixed one (laminated Gore-Tex for examble) or a removable one, making the garment versatile for a wide range of climatic conditions. The fit of these jackets and pants is perfect for sitting upright, keeping you comfortable all day long. Comfort is key when it comes to Adventure/Touring helmets as well. For this riding style, we have selected comfortable full-face and modular helmets with all the creature comforts that will make your trip a joy to be on. They are usually prepared for a Bluetooth communication system, equipped with a drop down sun visor (or a Transitions main visor) and score high when it comes to blocking wind noise. For Adventure riders we have a large selection of sturdy boots that perform equally well on and off road. For Touring riders, the focus for a pair of boots is to be comfortable when riding and walking just as well. Main feature is of course a waterproof membrane to make sure you keep your feet dry at all times! For gloves, we are dealing with a larger gray area when you’re trying to divide them into different categories. The Adventure/Touring gloves in our selection do have a few things in common though: they are comfortable, provide great levels of protection and depending on the construction of the gloves, they are either perfect for long distance road riding or serious off road Adventure riding.