ROKKER Rokkertech Straight (AAA)

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  • Lining: No
  • Material: Cotton, Denim
  • Ventilation: No active ventilation
  • Waterproof membrane: No
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Why buy the ROKKER Rokkertech Straight (AAA) motorcycle jeans?

The ROKKER Rokkertech Straight motorcycle Tapered jeans are great Midseason, Summer pants from ROKKER. The Rokkertech Straight jeans allow you to combine style, protection and comfort and will therefore especially cater to the needs of Urban/Street riders. This Blue pair of jeans are a great addition to any Urban/Street rider's wardrobe! Is Blue not your favorite color or is this not the right Jeans for you? don't fret we have plenty more motorcycle jeans in our collection.

ROKKER Rokkertech Straight features

These Cotton, Denim jeans from ROKKER are of a construction, and have CE Level 1 hip, CE Level 1 knee protectors to ensure you are protected. These jeans have a A safety rating.

additional information
Is on Sale No
Clothing Type Pants
Pants Series Rokkertech Straight
Gender Men
Riding Style Urban/Street
Season Midseason, Summer
Certification A
Jeans fit Tapered
Material Cotton, Denim
Protection included CE Level 1 hip, CE Level 1 knee
Protection prepared N/A
Ventilation No active ventilation
Waterproof membrane No
Lining No
Extra information N/A
Colors Blue
size guide
W29/L30 38 48 76.5
W29/L32 38 48 81.5
W29/L34 38 48 86.5
W29/L36 38 48 91.5
W30/L30 39.3 49.3 76.5
W30/L32 39.3 49.3 81.5
W30/L34 39.3 49.3 86.5
W30/L36 39.3 49.3 91.5
W31/L30 40.5 50.5 76.5
W31/L32 40.5 50.5 81.5
W31/L34 40.5 50.5 86.5
W31/L36 40.5 50.5 91.5
W32/L30 41.8 51.8 76.5
W32/L32 41.8 51.8 81.5
W32/L34 41.8 51.8 86.5
W32/L36 41.8 51.8 91.5
W33/L30 43 53 76.5
W33/L32 43 53 81.5
W33/L34 43 53 86.5
W33/L36 43 53 91.5
W34/L30 44.3 54.3 76.5
W34/L32 44.3 54.3 81.5
W34/L34 44.3 54.3 86.5
W34/L36 44.3 54.3 91.5
W36/L30 46.8 56.8 76.5
W36/L32 46.8 56.8 81.5
W36/L34 46.8 56.8 86.5
W36/L36 46.8 56.8 91.5
W38/L30 49.3 59.3 76.5
W38/L32 49.3 59.3 81.5
W38/L34 49.3 59.3 86.5
W38/L36 49.3 59.3 91.5
W40/L30 51.8 61.8 76.5
W40/L32 51.8 61.8 81.5
W40/L34 51.8 61.8 86.5
W40/L36 51.8 61.8 91.5
W42/L30 54.3 64.3 76.5
W42/L32 54.3 64.3 81.5
W42/L34 54.3 64.3 86.5
W42/L36 54.3 64.3 91.5
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What about the length of a pair of pants?

Most motorcycle pants have a length that on average corresponds with the hip size, ensuring a proportional fit. However, to accommodate varying body proportions, some pants come in short and long sizes. Short sizes are around 5 cm shorter on average, catering to those with shorter inseams, providing a sleek appearance without excess fabric. Conversely, long sizes, approximately 5 cm longer, are designed for taller riders, offering a comfortable fit that meets their needs. This diverse range of sizes highlights the motorcycle apparel industry's commitment to inclusivity and rider satisfaction.

What do the different levels mean in the protection of a garment?

The safety level of a protector is indicated by the CE mark, which distinguishes between two levels: CE level 1 and level 2. Level 1 provides basic protection and is often used as standard in motorcycle clothing, while level 2 provides the highest protection, suitable for demanding conditions. When choosing motorcycle clothing, understanding these CE mark levels is crucial for the desired safety based on your riding style and conditions. The "additional information" tab shows which protectors are present and whether they are CE level 1 or 2.

What is the advantage of a laminated waterproof membrane?

A laminated waterproof membrane provides an essential advantage by preventing the pants' outer layer from becoming saturated with water. This clever construction ensures that the pants do not fill up during a rainstorm, resulting in significantly faster drying times and a more comfortable wearing experience. Unlike the traditional 3-layer system, where cold pants can hit the waterproof inner lining, a laminated membrane creates a comfortable climate inside the pants. This keeps unwanted chilliness to a minimum while maintaining maximum protection from the elements. Whether it's an unexpected downpour or a humid environment, this advanced technology provides an effective solution for maintaining dryness and comfort without sacrificing functionality or style.

What is the advantage of trousers with removable thermal lining and a removable waterproof membrane?

The biggest advantage of pants with a removable thermal liner and a removable waterproof membrane is the unprecedented versatility they offer, making the pants suitable for every season and a variety of weather conditions. This clever 3-layer system allows you to adapt the pants to your needs and environment. With both the waterproof and thermal lining removed, you enjoy maximum ventilation, which is ideal for warmer days. With just the waterproof liner, the pants are perfect for the changeable weather of spring and fall, while adding the thermal liner provides extra warmth on colder days. This adaptability means you have one pair of pants that effortlessly adapts to changing conditions, which is not only practical, but also significantly reduces the need for multiple pairs of pants for different seasons.