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Part of the fun in riding a chopper, cruiser, cafe racer, street scrambler or dirt tracker is having the gear to match that specific style. Even if you think safety is the most important thing, you will probably agree that riding a Harley-Davidson Street Bob in a one-piece leather suit will look rather silly. No need to worry! Gear manufacturers totally get this and offer a wide range of products to match your and your bike’s style. Although an open-face helmet is probably the first thing you will think of, there’s plenty of options available. We carry plenty of full-face and even modular helmets to match your personal style! This means that you will no longer have to compromize on safety if you want to look stylish. The Nexx X.Garage collection and ROOF BoXXer series are prime examples of helmets where style truly goes hand in hand with functionality. Apart from a helmet to protect your noggin’, you will want a jacket and a pair of pants as well. We offer a large selection of retro style jackets made from leather or textile, alongside protective riding shirts and hoodies in timeless designs. Some of those garments are even equipped with a waterproof membrane and/or a removable thermal layer to offer great versatility. Throw in a pair of protective riding jeans and you will look the part and still be covered from top to bottom! A pair of stylish leather short cuff gloves and a pair of leather worker style boots or high top suede sneakers will top it all off. You’ll end up with an outfit that might look like you took a time capsule to the good ol’ days but you will be much better protected than the riders in those eras! Have fun browsing our website and picking your new favorite piece of Chopper/Retro gear!


Designed in a neo classic style but jam packed with all the latest comfort and safety features. These helmets ensure years of fun!


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Chopper / Retro

The open road, the wind in your face and a rumbling engine between your legs. This is riding in its purest form! The sound of the pistons moving up and down and forcing fumes out of the exhaust is what gets you going. It makes you relax, allows you to ponder and forget about the rest of the world and just focus on this one thing: riding your bike. You like to keep it simple, yet stylish. You’re not looking for flashy colors or complicated patterns. A timeless leather jacket, open face helmet and a pair of riding jeans should do the trick, and why shouldn’t they? If all this resonates with you, then check out our Chopper/Classic gear!


Spend $375 and we pay for shipping!