Spidi Metropole H2Out Black

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  • Material: Goat leather
  • Protection gloves: Knuckle protector
  • Ventilation: No active ventilation
  • Waterproof membrane: Fixed, H2Out
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Why order the Spidi Metropole H2Out Black motorcycle gloves?

The Spidi Metropole H2Out motorcycle gloves are a great pair of Long Cuff Midseason gloves. The Metropole H2Out’s features play right into the needs and wishes of Chopper/Retro riders. No matter your riding style, a pair of comfortably fitting gloves is of the utmost importance because having great feel with the handlebars is essential to operate your bike and these gloves will offer you just that.

Spidi Metropole H2Out features

The gloves are constructed from Goat leather, combined with a Fixed, H2Out waterproof membrane ensures water resistance in bad weather. Its Knuckle protector provide ample protection in the case of a slide. These gloves are fitted with a Elasticated cuff closure for easy and secure fastening. These particular gloves come in the color Black. If you’re looking for a different pair of gloves, we have plenty more Spidi motorcycle gloves available.

additional information
Brand Spidi
Is on Sale No
Glove Series Metropole H2Out
Gender Men
Riding Style Chopper/Retro
Season Midseason
Material Goat leather
Closure system Elasticated cuff
Protection gloves Knuckle protector
Ventilation No active ventilation
Waterproof membrane Fixed, H2Out
Colors Black
size guide

Men size chart:

Cm 20.6 - 21.4 21.4 - 22.2 22.2 - 23.0 23.0 - 23.8 23.8 - 24.6 24.6 - 25.4 25.2 - 26.0
Inch 8.125 - 8.375 8.375 - 8.75 8.75 - 9.0 9.0 - 9.375 9.375 - 9.625 9.625 - 10.0 9.875 - 10.25


Women size chart:

Cm 19.0 - 19.8 19.8 - 20.6 20.6 - 21.4 21.4 - 22.2 22.2 - 23.0 23.0 - 23.8 24.6 - 25.4
Inch 7.5 - 7.75 7.75 - 8.125 8.125 - 8.375 8.375 - 8.75 8.75 - 9.0 9.0 - 9.375 9.625 - 10.0
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What is the difference between goatskin, cowhide and kangaroo leather?

Gloves utilize three primary materials: cow leather, goat leather, and kangaroo leather, each with its unique qualities. Cow leather strikes a balance between comfort, abrasion resistance, and cost, making it the most prevalent choice among riders. Goat leather, on the other hand, provides enhanced comfort and tactile feedback due to its softness but tends to be less durable compared to cowhide. Kangaroo leather ranks high in terms of comfort, softness, and durability, although it's notably pricier and is typically reserved for top-tier glove models. Riders can select the material that best aligns with their preferences, budget, and intended usage to ensure the ideal combination of comfort and protection.

Is it better to wear gloves with long cuffs tucked inside or placed over the sleeve of my motorcycle jacket?

There's no definitive answer to this; it largely depends on your riding position. For instance, if you're on a sportsbike in the rain and wear your gloves over the sleeve, there's a chance that water from your sleeve could flow back into the glove. On the other hand, if you're on a chopper, wearing the gloves tucked in the sleeves might allow water from the gloves to seep into your sleeves. It's a matter of choosing what works best for your specific riding style and conditions.

How do I choose the right size?

To ensure you get the perfect fit, take a soft measuring tape and measure the circumference of your palm, making sure to position the tape just below your knuckles. Be sure not to include your thumb in this measurement. You can then compare these measurements with the size chart to determine which size suits you best.

What about the fit of a motorcycle glove?

Choosing the right size motorcycle gloves is crucial as ill-fitting gloves, whether too big or too small, not only lead to discomfort but can also compromise their protective qualities. Oversized gloves may reduce grip on the controls, while undersized ones can restrict movement and cause hand fatigue. Finding the perfect size ensures optimal fit and maximum protection. Summer motorcycle gloves, typically made of leather, tend to have a snug fit. They will slightly stretch over time, molding to your hand like a second skin, enhancing grip and protection. For winter gloves, it's essential to avoid a tight fit, leaving some room at the fingertips. Also, ensure both gloves and your hands are at room temperature when putting on winter motorcycle gloves to maximize insulation and warmth.

Why are there (almost) no 4-season gloves?

Your hands play a crucial role in operating a motorcycle, and they're highly sensitive to temperature changes. Consequently, the heat-regulating features of your gloves are not something you'd want to compromise on. During summer, you'll prefer well-ventilated gloves, while in winter, warmth and waterproofing become essential. In the transitional seasons, a thinner glove with windproofing, and possibly waterproofing, is often preferred for improved dexterity. It's challenging for a single glove to excel in all these aspects simultaneously.